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Get Training by the Best PDR Trainer Available: Brian Jump. 24 YR. MasterTech. One on One.

Paintless Dent Repair Training

paintless dent repair training Denver
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Why Choose SAI for your PDR Training?

10 SAI exclusives for Denver PDR Training that you won't find anywhere else:

1) Trainer experience.
If you want one on one training with the best PDR Trainer, Brian Jump in California or Alex Llontop in Texas, or Keith in Florida are your only options. They are master techs who can do unbelievable things with sheet metal and will show you all the shortcuts and secrets.

2) 70pc PDR Tools.
It is imperative to have the tools you need for the job, and great tools make work easier and faster. The SAI Stainless steel 70pc set can't be beat and is the chosen set of tools used by 1000's of people around the world. Ferrari and Mercedes Benz chose SAI PDR Tools.

3) Modern day equipment
Since SAI actually performs PDR for clients we are always at the forefront of what works best. When you choose SAI you learn why rubber tool caps and advanced glue pulling are a huge advantage as well as LED lighting.

4) SAI PDR Pretraining
SAI get's students to where they need to be fast- and one of the secret weapons we use is PDR Pretraining. We get students prepared for the process by helping them practice building blocks of PDR even before students come in. The PDR Pretraining program is FREE and immediately sent out when you enroll for a class.

5) Professional Facilities
Other "schools" train in offices, at homes or on the road while you watch others make money. It's very hard to bring students to an advanced level and have them work on cars at an office or at a home (we put students on MANY cars). Long ago we figured out people learn PDR best by DOING, and working on actual panels and cars, to not only build skills but build CONFIDENCE. Our professionally dedicated facility has equipment and surroundings to helping people learn PDR Fast. There is a reason we call it the "Dent Lab".

6) PDR Access
We have a PDR Reading app in development as well as Vehicle Panel Access app where you can punch in the vehicle info and the app tells you what access points are available.

7) (TRP)
Thermal Release Process is the method we show students which utilizes heat to soften paints and metal so dents come out faster and with better results.

8) We produce results
Our students success examples show how well our process works, and how you can get there too.

9) SAI PDR Service Referral Network
We get work requests daily and can pass along work to those who want it. Signing up is free and only available for former SAI Students.

10) PDR Pricing And Billing App.
Why use paper invoices when you can go paperless and immediately send your work into the billing office. Get paid faster!

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