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  • CALIFORNIA: August 17th and 24th available

  • TEXAS: FULL. August/Sept. dates forming

  • FLORIDA: August Dates forming

  • SOUTH CAROLINA: August forming



    Paintless Dent Repair Training Course
    Student Testimonials
    (We've been training for over 23 years)

    A note about REVIEWS

    SAI Youtube Video Testimonials

    And 100's more- here's just a few:

    Student STEPHEN KING - Lonestar Mercedes
    "I highly recommend Brian for
    PDR Training and am available if
    anyone has questions about the training"

    Student ROLFI DeAza - Miami Nissan
    "The training was hard but I
    can now do dents and realize Brian
    is the reason for my success."

    Student LAURE COPELAND - Calgary, Canada
    "I was trained by another school
    but was never shown how to do bodylines
    or creases or advanced glue pulling"
    I am now an advanced PDR Tech

    Students JOHN/ TIM CHANG- Taipei, Taiwan
    "Brian was caring and took the necessary time with us"

  • One on One Paintless Dent Repair Training

    Structured, focused, Hands on PDR Training on vehicles

    SAI PDR Training with Brian Jump

    Do you want THE BEST? How would you like to get REAL,One on One Training with a 23 year PDR PRO?
    Ask yourself this: Would you rather sit in a classroom with a trainer and a group of people, or get over the shoulder one on one training with a pro who has trained 1000's of PDR Pro's?

    Brian creates PDR techs that blows the minds of current technicians, and it all starts with PDR Pretraining.

    Brian prepares students with a simple yet highly effective practice regimen weeks before class starts, getting students ready to attack as soon as the course starts. He then has a specialized PDR Training process that turns students into PDR Rockstars.

    Our PDR graduates are the best PDR Techs in the industry and it all starts with our intense, specific hands on Paintless Dent Repair Training course.

    Brian demonstrates PDR for students on a Showcar Camaro SS
    Brian figured out long ago that very specific training techniques yield incredible results- Often our students are not only finding their tip in the first hour, but taking out dents to passable condition! Many schools don't even have students reaching this accomplishment until the END OF THE WEEK!
    • Hands-on, focused, ONE on ONE structured Paintless Dent Repair Training
    • Want to train ONE time, the right way, and leave ready to attack customer vehicles?
    With PDR Training, you GET MORE:

    • We offer a rigorous and proprietary PDR Training program that guides you every step of the way.
    • TRP ®- Thermal Release Process, is just one of MANY Proprietary techniques we utilize to help students get out dents FAST and easier
    • We are owned and operated by a PRO PDR Tech.
        And he trains the students! No other school offers this unique and special experience.
    • We create PDR Pro's.

      • 1-3 Week Programs, with all inclusive options (travel, tools etc)
      • Variety of Tool set options, LED lighting and Glue Puller add on's
      • Paintless Dent Repair Training and Tools available.
      • Multiple locations if Southern California isn't an option for you
      • PDR Pretraining package sent to you prior to the class
        to prepare you. Includes: SAI Hood stand, LED Light, Tool, accessories and more.
      • Why train in a large classroom setting with other students taking your time away from the instructor?

        Why train with a tech who will do dents while you are training? Don't you deserve to train in a professional facility (not on the road or at someone's house), with professional training equipment? Wouldn't you like to train on actual cars, throughout your training? We are the only school that trains students on all vehicle types.

      Where can you make money in PDR?

      • Auto Dealerships
      • Dealer Auto Auctions
      • Hail Damage Vehicles
      • Car Detailers
      • Body Shops
      • Rental Cars
      • Private Customers

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